wizard at fort hill

My workshops/courses and K-12 programs center on the primacy of non-verbal
movement, and the arts in human evolution and development—and this contained within human relationship with Nature and ecological consciousness. It is a beautiful study and application of the extraordinary musicality of being; a way of being that has been eclipsed in modernity’s hyper-literate and hyper-technoscientific drive to control and define what is real and valuable in learning, exemplified in funding priorities, and in its objectification of Nature, which is up for exploitative grabs to the highest bidder.

These studies and applications form a working basis for literacies integration through
extended project based explorations. They teach, engage and prioritize the creative process for both teacher and learner.

Descriptions of established programs and workshops/courses that I currently teach are provided in K-12 Programs and Workshops/Courses.  These give examples of my work, from which I can adapt established programs and tailor create new programs.

tree shoot 1


Photo Credits:
Robert M. Burrill (Family Wizard of Oz Production, 1964), Richard Noyes, Respectively