Horsechestnut Winds

Why Horsechestnut Winds?

Human Relationship with Nature: Horsechestnut Tree

The evolutionary process of our animal intelligenceI was nine years old when the wind song through the leaves and branches of my Horsechestnut Tree roost told me that my struggle with school was a wrongness not in me, but a wrongness in the system of school. This was an epiphany that eventually led me on a quest to uncover why school learning can be opposed to natural learning. My quest began with me—a kinesthetic learner whose first meaningful learning, in part, has been embedded in an extensive natural world, of which Horsechestnut Tree is a part. I am also a dancer. Therefore, starting with movement and Nature, my quest lead me through an evolutionary and developmental understanding of learning. I earned a doctorate in education in this study. Horsechestnut Winds was, and still is, my beginning place.



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Photo Credit: Google Search
Watercolor by Rebecca R.Burrill: Evolution (2000)