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Tidal Harmonics
Fleet Moves Dance Festival 2016
Tidal Harmonics is an explorative dance process-performance in which dancers emulate core aspects of the complex tidal dynamics of outer Cape Cod.  A 24 hour tidal ebb and flow is emulated within 15 minutes, involving a 24 hour Moon cycle, influencing 2 tide cycles of  the Atlantic Ocean rotary tidal wave, influencing 2 tide cycles of the Maine Gulf Coastal (and therefore Cape Cod) rotary tidal wave, integrating a wind/weather storm surge wave, all expressed in qualities of wave formations.



Fleet Moves Dance Festival 2015
With Pond is a site-specific, open-focus sensory immersion conversation with place—pond environs-candles-dancers-musician—a self-organizing system unto itself. Dancers and musician practice a global receptivity of perceptual field, noticing their inner changing felt-sense to on-going encounters, to which they respond in languages of movement-dance and sound-music.




140711_Becky_Burrill_Marconi_Station_WhitneyBrowne-1257 Languages of Nature Languages of Art®
Frick Environmental Center 2019
Wellfleet Recreation Department 2015-17
Fleet Moves Dance Festival 2014
Cape Cod Light House Charter School 2010, 2022
Cape Cod Technical Regional High School 2010

Languages of Nature, Languages of Art® is a site-specific, structured improv, workshop-performance event that explores an understanding of the role of movement and sound in evolution, human development, languaging, art-making, and human relationship–kinship–with Nature.140711_Becky_Burrill_Marconi_Station_WhitneyBrowne-1231


Mooses Come Walking
Cape Cod Theatre Company / Harwich Junior Theatre


Sea Fronds
10 x 10: SEA FRONDS
Structured Improvisation
Fleet Moves Dance Festival 2013
10 x 10 is a series of 5 minuet dance pieces contained within a 10 x 10 foot parameter.

The theme of Sea Fronds is taken from an essay “Wave and Cliff” by Naturalist E. L. G. Watson in which he describes the fluid gestures of sea fronds—subject to forces of gravity/wind/water momentum/rock eddies/moon /sun—as fraught  with haphazard antagonisms cycling into culminations of brief moments of ecstasy:
“…ecstasy is a mood of quickened attention so happily caught yet so short lived…[to] answer to the joy concealed within the happenings which seem to men chance-born.”
~Naturalist E L Grant Watson (1885—1970)


Anti-Bullying Arts Exploration and Performance:
Dancing the Balance of Power and the Golden Rule
Harwich Middle School


armwater2Dancing the Dunes
Solo performance of story poetry and dance about a two week stay in a rustic dune shack and immersion in the sensory communications of the natural surround.




Photo Credits: David Ludlow (video-stills), Fleet Moves, Whitney Browne,
Fleet Moves, David Ludlow, Respectively