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Workshop presenter at:

    Findhorn Foundation, Scotland, June 10 to June 17

Languages of Nature Languages of Art® (LNLA)—is an evolutionary and developmental exploration of movement-sound as a primary language. We discover this primary language to be both aesthetically organized, and to be the primal kinship language that humans have in common with the natural world. The outcome of the workshop process is a participant-created, site-specific, ceremonial movement piece expressing gratitude for, and commitment to, our kinship relationship and with Nature. The workshop process is in-depth at the same time playful and informal.

Link to LNLA:

Scottish Centre for Geopoetics, Scotland June 30 to July 2




Workshop presenter at:

Saturday, January 23, 2021 (10:30am-12:30pm); Cost: $25

Title: Movement-Language-Nature-Art®

This two hour ZOOM workshop explores the inherently aesthetic organization of human first perception—movement-sound. Organized in utero as one perception movement-sound constitutes primary language—the kinship language we humans share with the many intelligences of the Natural World. Through guided imagery mediation, movement-sound explorations, and art-making through perceptual sequencing, participants follow an experiential pathway discovering the inner processes of primary language. This gives experience for participants, post festival, to direct their own Nature immersion primary languaging session. From this experience participants make art—poetry, prose, and/or visual—through the immediacy of primary languaging processes. The results of the art-making (at participants’ discretion) will be made available on the A&A website.

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Workshop presenter at:

  • The New England American Dance Therapy Association Conference 2019 • Dancing Along the Continuum: Dance/Movement Therapy and Social Action • Antioch New England • Keene NH • April 13 •

Title: Movement and Sound and the Embodied Basis of Social Being

This workshop targets the absence of body-heart-imagination—kinesthetic-empathic-aesthetic intelligences—as foundationally central to human health and well-being in social discourse. The workshop is an embodied exploration, beginning in utero, of the basis of movement and sound as primary patterning for the non-verbal languaging that is at the heart of these intelligences, as well as the organization of deeper meaning in human communication, relationship, expression, and social value. We engage these explorations as platform for questioning the place of mechanical ‘intelligence’ in robotics and AI.


Guest lecture/workshop presenter for:

  • The Merrimack Institute for New Teacher Support & Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society • Merrimack Collage • Andover, MA • April 25 •

TITLE: Moves Sound and Sounds Move: Introduction to the Re-enchantment of Learning

This experiential workshop explores the heart of learning through the developmental patterning of movement-sound beginning in utero and their basis for languaging (communication), perceptual metaphor (meaning making), and aesthetic (artistic) intelligence. We discuss implications for teaching and learning in K-12.


Artist-in-Residence at:

      •  Frick Environmental Center • A Program in Ecological-Art • Frick Park • Pittsburgh, PA •  May 11th thru 25th

Title: Languages of Nature Languages of Art®

In this workshop we learn to translate raw elements of non-verbal communications found in Nature, into the immediate expressions of dance. We begin with guided imagery and movement games that amplify cross-sensory-perceptual communication and meaning making processes. This primary way of knowing and communicating is then extended into communicative relationship with Nature. Through an excursion into the natural world, we immerse in the primary languaging happening all around. And from this encounter we create an improvisational dance piece, structured through a series of gleaned themes contributed by each participant, and working with a musician.


March 11-12, 2017

Professional Development Workshop for
Educators * Parents * Dancers * Musicians * Artists * Therapists * Ecologists

Inhabiting Natural Learning

Directed by Becky Burrill, Ed.D
Gestalt International Study Center
1035 Cemetery Road, Wellfleet, MA 02667
•12+ PDP hours for Massachusetts Educators •

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