Inhabiting Natural Learning: Course Outline

Professional Development Workshop for
Educators * Parents * Dancers * Musicians * Artists * Therapists * Ecologists
March 11-12, 2017
Directed by Becky Burrill, Ed.D
Gestalt International Study Center
1035 Cemetery Road, Wellfleet, MA 0266
• 12+ PDP hours •
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March 11 • 9:00am to 12:00pm
A. Opening Circle
B. Guided movement embodiment of:
1.  The developmental with evolutionary origins
2.  Sensing, feeling, imagining
3. Human communication
4.  Building metaphor
5. Considering creative process
C. Discussion
E. Mini conference with PDP participants

March 11 • 1:00am to 4:00pm
A. Language of Movement
1. Gesture in movement and sound
2. Qualities
3. Communicative relationship
B. Making mini dances
C. Language and World–embodied metaphor
E. Discussion (hand out)

March 12 • 9:00am to 12:00pm
A. Languages of Nature Languages of Art®
1. Given what we have learned thus far in the workshop we apply this to direct movement-sound gestural and textural relationship with Nature. We excursion into our local natural surround and gather experiential themes for a group movement piece including dancers and musicians.
2. We return to the studio and work with our gathered themes to structure a group movement piece.

March 12 • 1:00am to 4:00pm
A. Enactment performance of group Language of Nature languages of Art® piece
B. Discussion
1. Dance of person and place
2. Social and educational implications
3. Integrating with your teaching/work/practice
C. Closing Circle
D. Workshop assessment and conference with PDP participants


PDP Requirements: Selected Readings • Written Curriculum Plan with theoretical and developmental ideas supporting the Plan • Implementation of Curriculum Plan in an educational setting • Assessment of Final Outcomes • Assessment of Workshop Program of Study

Expected Outcomes/Participants will gain:
• An experiential understanding of natural learning processes evolutionarily and developmentally
• An experiential understanding of the intrinsic empathetic, creative, and aesthetic (artful) process of natural learning
• An experiential understanding of the ecological relationship at the foundation of human learning, language, and aesthetic intelligence
• An experiential understanding of the metaphorical nature of human intelligence
• Experience in integrating workshop content in developing and creating: a group collaborative work, an implemented curriculum plan, approaches to professional perspectives and practice

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