Dancer sitting on fence overlooking Nature’s beauty on lower Cape CodI am Rebecca R Burrill, Ed.D–dancer, artist, movement-based child developmentalist, and educator. I have a Doctorate in Education focusing on brain evolution, child development, movement, art-making, learning, and literacy. My Masters work focused on creative process and dance. I am Massachusetts Certified in Elementary Education and Professional Development Provider. I am a trained Observer and Notator of movement-language in the Kestenberg Movement Dance Therapy System. I have trained in the mind-body integrative and repatterning systems of Educational Kinesiology and Rhythmic Movement Training.

My work is based on the experience that learning is fundamentally a creative process, and that aesthetic sense is primary in the
development of self, intelligence, and wellbeing.

I trace the evolution of human intelligence back to primal
people’s relationship with Nature, a relationship that was
instrumental in the development of language and art. With these understandings I seek to renew human engagement with the primary creative intelligences of movement, sound, feeling, imagination, and ecological conscious and their natural healing and developmental capacities.

Homeschoolers improvisational dance class: three arabesques

Links to Selected Publications and Documentaries

Minding Nature: “Dancing Our Kinship with Animate Earth”.

IAE Newsletter: “Joy and Satisfaction in Natural Learning: Creative Improvisational
(scroll down)

Wood and Arts Project: a video documentary concerning the honoring of cut trees at an historical landscape restoration. The intent, through art, is to express empathetic human relationship with Nature. The project was a collaboration with The Cape Cod National Seashore, The Cape Cod Light House Charter School, a local wood artist, and local dancer/educator–Rebecca Burrill–videographer, producer, director and editor.

Dancing the Dunes: a video documentary of a solo performance of story,  poetry and dance about a two week stay in a rustic dune shack and immersion in the sensory communications of the natural surround. Author, dancer, producer, director and editor Rebecca R

The American Journal of Dance Therapy: “Movement, Art, and Child Development Through the Lens of an Innovative Use of The Kestenberg Movement Profile”.

Teaching Artist Journal: “The Primacy of Movement in Art-Making”.

Teaching Artist Journal: “Natural Biology vs. Cultural Structures: Art and Child Development in Education”.



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